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Auction site (USS)

You submit an offer to us.

* This offer tells us what you want and should include the following information.

Vehicle manufacturer’s name
Model name
Model number (If known)
Model year or model year range
Transmission (Automatic or manual)
Steering (Right-hand drive or left-hand drive)
Engine type (Gasoline or diesel)
Preferred color
Number of doors

We search our extensive data base for vehicles that meet your criteria. We show these vehicles to you (data and photos). You select a vehicle that you like and we agree on price.

YTRD then goes to auction. We find a similar vehicle to the one you selected with identical or better specifications. We show you this vehicle before the auction. You either approve or disapprove. If you approve, we bid. If you disapprove, we wait for the next vehicle to come along.

You may reject as many vehicles as you want. We will not bid on any vehicle without your permission.

Once again, we require a deposit before going to auction. This deposit is refundable if we are unable to find you a vehicle.

If we successfully bid for the vehicle of your choosing, you must remit the remainder of the vehicle cost and the shipping cost within three days of the auction. We then arrange shipping to the Port of Destination (POD) specified by you.

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