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Japanese used vehicle auction sites

Most used Japanese vehicles for export are sold at auction.

YTRD is a member of USS (Used Car Solution Systems). USS is the largest used vehicle auction in Japan. An average of 45,000 cars a week are bought and sold each week at 12 USS sites across Japan.

In the past, auction information was available only at the auction. To follow an auction, it was necessary to be on-site. This is no longer true. Through a special agreement between YTRD and USS, we are now able to provide auction data to you in real time wherever you may be.

YTRD is also a member of several other vehicle auction organizations in Japan. This helps us to find almost any vehicle that is requested.

In total, YTRD maintains membership in over 70 auction sites throughout Japan.

Vehicle inspection and grading

All used vehicles sold at auction in Japan are rigorously inspected by qualified technicians and then graded. Careful attention is paid to overall vehicle condition, the engine, the vehicle interior, the vehicle exterior, and vehicle history (involvement in a serious accident).

The grading system is highly reliable.

5 Vehicle nearly new. All original parts and equipment. No repairs required. Usually less than 3 years old.
4.5 Vehicle is in excellent condition with no scratches or dents.
4 Vehicle is in good condition with some signs of normal wear and tear.
3.5 Vehicle visibly scratched and dented. Overall condition is mediocre.
3 Vehicle heavily scratched and dented. Paint condition poor. Overall condition poor.
RA Vehicle has been in a minor accident with the resulting damage repaired.
R Vehicle has been in a more serious accident requiring extensive repair and part replacement.
*** Vehicle has been in serious accident with no repair attempted. Vehicle has value only as a source of spare parts.

Generally speaking, vehicles with higher grades are more expensive. Other factors that may affect price are mileage, optional equipment, and demand for a particular vehicle.

To be sure that your vehicle is a sound investment, JTRD strongly recommends that you purchase only those vehicles with a grade of 4 or higher.

Vehicles with an R or *** rating may be of interest to some customers as a source of spare parts. They are worthless as an operational vehicle.

Used car sales in Japan are strictly controlled. Individuals and organizations who manipulate vehicle data are subject to criminal prosecution.

Follow the steps below to select vehicles from an auction list.

  1. Choose the vehicle you want from the auction list and inform us of the manufacturer’s name, model, and year of manufacture. Include the approximate FOB price you are willing to pay.
    To maximize the chances of success at the auction, we recommend that you also select 2 alternate vehicles.
  2. Contact us to determine the deposit required. Make the deposit by money order. The deposit must be received at least one day before the start of the auction.
    Your deposit is fully refundable up until the time we purchase the vehicle at auction. Should a refund be made, bank charges will be deducted.
    Bank information
    Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Bank (Yokohama branch)
    Account # 0873705 (Yokohama Trading Co. Ltd.)
    SWIFT code: BOTK JP JT
  3. We bid for your vehicle at one of 70 permanent Japan auction sites where we hold membership. When the vehicle is purchased, we mail you an invoice for the balance due (FOB + freight – deposit).
  4. You pay the balance using a money order within 3 days of receiving the invoice. Notify us of the transfer.
  5. As soon as payment is confirmed, we ship your vehicle by the first available vessel. A bill of lading is sent to you by registered airmail. This allows you to claim your vehicle when it arrives at its port of destination.
    Total cost of vehicle (C&F) = FOB + freight

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