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Why choose YTRD for your used vehicle needs

We’re a very experienced and reliable exporter of used cars, trucks, busses, and special purpose vehicles. Your complete satisfaction is most important to us.

We generally do not stock vehicles but ship them directly from the auction site to the customer. This eliminates warehouse expenses and reduces shipping and administrative costs. This savings is passed on to you. Our prices are 25% to 40% lower than those of dealers selling from stock.

We maintain a standing membership at more than 70 auction sites in Japan. This in tandem with our extensive knowledge of the used vehicle market allows us to get the vehicle you want at the best possible price.

There are two ways to purchase the used vehicle of your choice. You may visit the linked auction websites to select your vehicle and then let us get it for you. Or you may simply provide us with desired vehicle information and let us find your vehicle for you. Either way, you get the best vehicle and the best price.

Language is not a problem. We employ people fluent in English as well as many African and Asian languages.

Before your vehicle is shipped, it undergoes a rigorous inspection. It must meet the strict standards imposed by the Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association (JUMVEA) to be certified. This protects you because it ensures that you are getting a reliable, high quality vehicle.

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